Under-vacuum packaging robotized system

For round, square, rectangular products as Mortadella, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, vegetarian and vegan.
The special patented gripper permits to the robot to pick up the packaging bag, giving it an octagonal profile in a way to reduce plastic consumption, and to put it around the product that is supported by a specific conveyor belt.

The same tool transfers product and bag on an under vacuum welding machine conveyor belt and it flattens the bag mouth to arrange it for welding.
The gripper is really flexible and it can treat in the same line products having diameter from 100 mm to 290 mm, till one meter long.
If the requested productivity is high two robots can load the same under vacuum machine with double welding bars, reaching a productivity of 720 pieces per hour.
The same plant can be used for flow packed products. Each system is custom-made.

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