UCR cooking and cooling unit

Water use for under vacuum packaged meat thermal treatment permits to optimize the heat uniform transmission inside the treatment unit.

During the cooking phase, the use of a fluid, that doesn’t make thermal barriers and that optimizes the thermodynamic exchange, permits to use lower delta T and to obtain a greater gradualness and continuity in temperatures management.

The energetic save, during the cooking phase, is really great thanks to a better yield in heat transmission to products, to the possibility of using lower temperatures and consequently less expensive heat units and to the absence of energy loss due to steam dispersion.
During cooling phase the water use optimize the thermal exchange and it permits to reduce more rapidly the product’s temperature.

Normally it’s possible to cook and cool the product in less than 24 hours, without having to move it and with clear advantages in exploit the plants.

Our UCR treatment units integrate perfectly with the moving systems used for the normal steam cookers and they can be adapted to the different moving systems even if it’s more advantageous the use of trolleys or frames to transport bare products or in molds products, intended both for selling or for slicing.

Our UCR treatment units have swing or vertical sliding doors, with or without inner rolls for moving frames, and they can have front access or crossing one.
It’s very easy to insert UCR units in existing plants thanks to the special executive stiffness, the modular construction, the use of a double insulation modality, a water flow and distribution technique particularly efficient for a faster temperature uniformity, the exchangers positioning and a plant that doesn’t need excavation for housing recycle pumps.

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