The basic ideas of our Loading system

Handling heavy loads, with hung or laid down products, often is hampered by reduced space and a great quantity of trolleys and frames that normally aren’t realized for automation.

Our TFRC loadings handling system solves these problems, because it needs less space then competitors and it has a self-adapting SW to use the existing equipment, as many as possible. Moreover it can be completed with our simple and compact, automatic and semi-automatic products on rods loaders. The TFRC system and the automatic loaders MB are internationally patented.

We projected, patented and made a destructured pilgrim pace system, that is to say a system that permits to load and unload products also on opposite sides without having to rotate the products vertically. The result is a compact system that has the same loading capacity of bigger ones, using the same rods and frames, it doesn’t matter how they are made.

Our plant manages the proper products alignement, it avoids oscillations during handling, it checks the dimensions of each frame and then defines the specific inserting positions, also for quite deformed frames. It can work with very small tolerances and, if necessary, it can also insert bent rods into the horizontal level. No one has overtaken these obstacles.

Often the manual work is the simplest; our MB loaders for products on rods were inspired by the same concepts and for this reason we were able to project and patent a simple, reliable, very compact and in the same time flexible system.


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The benefits

Our systems TFRC and our loaders MB offer many benefits:

  • exceptional compactness
  • modular realization, easy to enlarge
  • very limited floor obstacles for a simpler environmental sanification
  • limited oscillations that reduce the contact between the products and the lifting and inserting forks, making sanification easier
  • big dimensioning that guarantees a very long life of the components, with negligible maintenance costs
  • plant engineering solutions of new generation permit to realize in field connections free from electromagnetic pollution and that can be easily managed inside the cable holder chains, all positioned at the structure top. The structure can be free-standing or it can be fixed at the ceiling and/or at the walls
  • the specific choice of the safety devices allowed to reach PL difficult to find in other plant engineering solutions, above all when there is manual handling of frames and trolleys


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Why choose loading systems TFRC and loaders MB

  • because they are the best solution for small spaces, both in plan and in height
  • because they are the solution that fits best the existing equipment, with clear economic profit
  • because they are the only front-back systems that guarantee not to lose loading capacity of frames, trucks, trolleys, trees, bars and consequently of the seasoning rooms
  • for the exceptional flexibility in the products management, even the biggest ones
  • because the great solidity guarantees a long duration system, without expensive maintenance need
  • because they are modular and they can grow with your needs
  • because the operator interface is simple and easily understood
  • because they have remote control and they can dialog with connected machines and means of transports


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What we suggest

We are used to find innovative solutions to solve problems that others not always can face.

Today our suggestion includes:

  • TFRC systems for loading hang products, to be inserted in frames, overhead conveyors, trolleys, it doesn’t matter which are their dimensions and heights, that can be easily put in your production lines
  • MB machines for automatic hanging products, coming from one or more production lines, that can manage independently and in the same time different kinds of products, with preparation of the rods to be taken by a TFRC plant
  • Semi-automatic loaders MBS to make easier the products insertion on hanging rods and to prepare them to be taken by a TFRC system
  • Hung products handling plants to unload salamis from frames, overhead conveyors, trolleys, to feed our blowing, washing, flouring machines and to load again the same frames or others.
  • Hung products handling plants to unload salamis from frames, overhead conveyors, trolleys, to feed peeling, labelling and packaging lines
  • Connection with LGV, AGV, GPS systems to move frames and trees inside inside your factory with weight control, traceability support, automatic data transfer to ERP functions


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