Skewering machine for small kebabs

The skewering machine for small kebab inserts accurately wood sticks in meat to obtain regular shape skewers havinga 15 x 15 mm section, or 16 x 16, 20 x 20, 25 x 25 or 30 x 30. The basic element of the machine is the containing cube (patented), specifically realized for our skewering machine. Each cube contains 225 kebobs in the 15 x 15 version, 196 kebobs in the 16 x 16 version, 121 kebobs in the 20 x 20, 81 kebobs in the 25 x 25 and 49 kebobs in the 30 x 30 version. The kebobs section has to be defined when ordering the machine. The sticks are 250 mm long with a 3 mm diameter. The basic element of the machine is the containing cube, specifically realized for our skewering machine. The cube, first filled with meat, is inserted in the machine from the top and the simple activation of a crank handle permits to insert a sticks row at a time. After sticks insertion, a lever activation takes a step down the cube, preparing it for the next sticks row. Moving the crank handle in the opposite direction, the loader gets ready to receive the sticks and special devices pierce the product; in this way the sticks will not break. After having inserted the last sticks row, the cube goes down under the machine body so that it can be taken out. Cut has to be done manually, for the smallest skewers it will be necessary to lift the cube cover and to position a guide ring that helps the insertion of the knife; for the biggest skewers it will be possible to remove the cube cover before the cut. It will be enough to remove the cover and to push up the mobile bottom for taking out the skewers.The machine is realized in two versions: standard and universal. We suggest to buy at least three cubes for continuous production. Our birch and bamboo sticks are perfect for our skewering machine.

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