Salting and massaging machine with movable tank

The salting and massaging machine with movable tank (with wheels and/or superimposing) makes the massage and the dry salting of coppa, bacon, loins, fiocchi, culatello, shoulder, speck, cured ham, bresaola, … respecting the time the product needs to develop the salting osmotic process. The massage is uniform and soft and the tanks drainage devices permit to drain the surplus liquids during the first salting phase, holding and distributing the liquids, rich of salt and seasoning, during the second phase. The reproduction of the soft and natural salting process together with the homogeneous treatment of all the products guarantee the best quality results. The possibility to use moving tanks facilitates the loading and unloading operations saving man labor. The tanks capacity is 600 kilos. A PLC control board permits the management and the storing of different working programs.

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