Pasteurizer-cooler for cooked products under vacuum packaged

Our pasteurizing plants have 1 or 2 levels, each one with one or more way; they can be loaded manually or automatically and they can treat both ordered or in bulk products. After cooling the product can be automatically dried and directed to the weighing and carton packaging lines or stowed in a different way. The treatment is in water, with immersion and shower, to have the maximum pasteurizing effect with the minimum cooking effect to guarantee the best organolectic characteristics. The accurate management of the water level and the action of a strong full cone shower assure the treatment of the whole surface. The heat insulation, the exchangers choise, the pumps high capacity guarantee the best thermo-dinamic efficiency. The image on the front represents a two levels, one way, plant that can treat ordered whole or in pieces products. We build plants of different kind for whole or in pieces cooked ham, bologna sausage, frankfurter and poultry products.

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