Needles tenderizers for products to be cooked IA

We produce different models of tenderizers, mechanical and oleo-dynamic, for products without bone to be cooked; they can treat open or pull out boning products, without damaging the product's structure.

The oleo-dynamic machine is made of stainless steel.
The pilgrim pace advancement device guarantees easy and efficacious washing operations and it is adjustable from the control board.
The head strokes are also adjustable from the control board too, as well as the product passage height.
The needles extraction cross-member is self-adjusting on product thickness and its squeezing action on the product itself can be reduced or pneumatically nullified, to minimize the treatment influence on injection precision. The great cross dimension permits a better tenderizing action than that one obtained with injectors with tenderizing head.
It is possible to furnish the machine with different types of needles, as for example the extra-flat special permanent sharp, suitable for all the products types and for all the brine injection percentages, dry salting included, favoring the penetration and the osmotic process.
400 - 600 - 900 needles models.

The mechanical needles tenderizer is made of stainless steel and it has 100, 150, 200 needles of special shape (it depends from the model); the product advances intermittently on a belt, in phase with the tenderizing head.
Even if the machine has small dimensions, it is at the leading edge, in fact it doesn’t squeeze the product, it has the possibility to adjust the tenderizing depth and the product passage eight.

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