The goals

Our system comes from the need to have a product that:

  • as the traditional molds permits to use the same mold during all the production phases
  • as the traditional molds permits to manage any cooking weight loss, with any cooking technology
  • as the multi-molds systems optimizes the logistics and the thermal efficiency
  • enhances the ergonomics and reduces the use of labor for finished product kilo
  • reduces the request of m² and m³ for each kilo of finished product
  • improves the slicing yield, even with thinner slices

We developed the LEGOSTAMPO patents to achieve these goals

  • the flexible system suitable to all production needs
  • the system for all the technologies and for all the cooking techniques
  • the system that satisfies all the requests, starting from R&D to arrive to the most performing and automatized plants

Our system puts together all the advantages of traditional molds and those ones of multimolds

  • the molds are easy to move in molding and de-molding lines
  • the automation is simple, reliable, inexpensive, not bulky, all the same for all the models
  • the molds are easy to stack firmly, without using straps, presses, compressible frames, ballast and the piles are simple to move
  • the best homogeneity of cooking and cooling is guaranteed
  • the functional layouts are simple and compact

Bars for slicing ROBOT

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Molds models

  • Composed Legostampo
  • Unique Legostampo
  • Zero Legostampo
  • Multis Legostampo


It has distinct mold and cover, joinable using an elastic hooking system that follows the possible weight loss, it can be used even to make with the same mold products having different weights to be the answer to the different technological, commercial and production needs.

It can be used with traditional or under vacuum cooking, in bag, thermoformed or clipped product. It can be used in piles, on trolleys and overhead conveyors, but also for research and development.

working diagram

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The cover is connected to the bottom of the mold with an elastic device that follows the possible weight loss, it fits products of different weights to answer to all technological, production and commercial needs.

It can be used with traditional or under vacuum cooking, in bag or thermoformed or clipped product.

The head hooks permit to firmly clasp the mold to the frame or to the lower mold.

Working diagram

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The cover is stiffly fixed to the lower part of the mold.

The closing device stops the molds one over the other, making the pile stable.

Made for no weight loss products and above all for under vacuum cooked products, in bag or in thermoforming machine or clipped.

Divisible molds for whole products.
Also without cover.
Also for bacon and pâté.


LEGOSTAMPO solution to produce whole products with traditional shape in two models: «composed» and «unique», for traditional products with or without weight loss, for products cooked under vacuum, in bag or in thermoforming machine or clipped.


The benefits

For all the under vacuum cooking technologies, with or without room for thermoformed pockets. The exudate bag (strip off) can find place in the pile or be protected.

It's perfect even for products without weight loss, made with any production technology.

Another important feature is that the in-bag molding can be done directly in the cooking mold!

The springs stroke permits to manage great weight losses both with under vacuum and traditional cooking; it's moreover possible to obtain products of different weights and shapes to better fulfill the customers' needs.

The springs strength guarantees a strong pressure even after the weight loss due to cooking, in this way we obtain the rumps cohesion during cooling and better slicing yields.

The piles are self- stabilizing, there's no need to add ballast or to use workers help.

The pile structure simplifies the steam, the water and even the cooling air circulation in all the directions, it doesn't matter which is its positioning inside the cooking units.

The careful design permitted to obtain a structural stiffness that guarantees an unvaried section for all the length, even when there are stronger springs.

The mold stiffness permits to have a uniform forces distribution, assuring the rumps contact in all the product parts; this is another contribution to slicing waste reduction.

The simple realization permits to use LEGOSTAMPO starting from R&D, then moving to small productions till reaching the most advanced automations without any need to change molds, handling equipment and transport systems.


  • Ham in bars for slicing and whole ham
  • Products cooked in a traditional way with weight loss
  • Under vacuum, in bag, thermoformed, clipped cooked products
  • Products cooked with steam and with water, with plants side by side


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Why choose LEGOSTAMPO multimolds system

It's an ergonomic solution and it doesn't need false molds and molding mechanical device.

It's the solution that uses not bulky, inexpensive and reliable moving devices.

It's the solution that optimizes the factory logistics, reduces the surface needed for the production and minimizes the energy costs.

It's the safest solution with self-stabilizing pile, with no need of using fixing devices (weights, presses, straps…).

It's the solution for a simple and gentle demolding, for all the kind of products.

The investment payback is faster

Because it reduces the production costs for the automation, the manpower, the facility, and the energy.

Because it guarantees the best standardization of all your products.

Because it greatly reduces the slicing waste, even with very thin slices.

Because it optimizes the yield of your slicing lines.

Because it allows a step-by-step investment thanks to a system that grows with your technological and production needs.


What we suggest

We developed molds thinking to automation, they permit us to offer integrated and all-inclusive solutions:

  • Compact and cost-effective molding stations, for all the kinds of technologies, with automations customized on your needs, that can be used even with traditional molds
  • LGV or AGV transportation systems
  • Water cooking and cooling units, that can be placed side by side your steam cooking units, without modifying your logistics
  • De-molding stations, also for traditional molds, with universal molds washer and with automatic and semi-automatic systems to manage all kinds of molds
  • Under-vacuum packaging lines, for bars and whole products, with handling system customized on your needs
  • Continuous and intermittent pasteurizing and cooling plants
  • Slicing lines feeding systems
  • Molds with RFID devices for the complete product's traceability and for the best control of the production's standards

Molds supply

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Molding under-vacuum thermo-sealing

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Press again

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Washed molds loading

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Unique molding

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Unique de-molding

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