Multi-Molds Legostampo - Innovation for Cod Cuts

The original production system for cooked ham in bars, for all technologies, puts together the advantages of the single mold to the advantages of the multi-molds system.
Suitable for traditional technology and vacuum cooking (in bags, in thermoforming machines, bagged and clipped products), without any particular limitation on weight loss. It allows to obtain compact products, with constant shape, and ensures the highest slicing yields.
It does not require the use of false molds, avoiding the transfer of the products, keeping unchanged the rumps position during molding. Only stainless steel molds, singularly handling, without limits of shape and length, stackable in a stable and safe way without other fixing elements. Easily stackable and unstackable molds, with economic, simple, flexible enslavements.
It allows the remarkable reduction of the required area, in all the phases of the production cycle, both compared to the traditional molds and to all the multi-molds systems. Possibility of stack handling on the floor, but also on the overhead rail. It guarantees the best ergonomics for the operators and can be interfaced with any traceability system.

For traditional products, but also for vacuum cooked products
Separate mold and lid, transported together, even empty
Stackable molds without special fasteners
Molds in lightweight version for overhead handling
they can be pressed again in case of high weight loss
Easy to integrate into existing systems
Suitable for water or steam cooking
Automatic or semi-automatic stacking and unstacking

For vacuum cooked products, with or without weight loss
Suitable for steaming or water cooking
Mold and lid in the same unit, with fixed lid or with pressing springs
Automatic stacking system, with pressing and self-blocking molds, both transversally and vertically
Simplified lines and automations, compatible with traditional molds, integrable in existing systems.

In the composed and unique version for the production of single products
Can be perfectly integrated into bar plants
Suitable for all products and technologies

For vacuum cooked products, especially bagged ones
For toast shape
Divisible into parts
A simple and economic proposal, extremely automatable.

Stainless steel pallets for stacked transport of molds to and from the lines
Mold unloading and loading system on the molding lines, enslaved or automated
Ergonomic and modular molding lines, with mold handling through the various stations, in line or in islands
Automatic or bell-shaped vacuum thermo welding tunnel with double sealing at very high pressure, which can also be used for the deaeration of products with traditional technology.

Legostampo molds are designed to optimize the flow of cooking steam and cooling air, regardless of the direction of introduction
It is suitable both for steam and water cooking
Transport system in the cooking units, with or without personnel intervention
Cooking and cooling units either in one structure or separate.

Legostampo molds have been designed with the purpose to make both handling and automation simple, the same for all technologies.
Automatic and semiautomatic unstacking, for all types of molds, with transfer of the molds to the mold washer, where present, with unstacking and stacking of the washed molds.
One single mold washer for all bar molds, but also for traditional molds, without complex, expensive and cumbersome automation.
Continuous and discontinuous pasteurizers complete our product range.

It is the answer to all production technologies, traditional or vacuum, for bagged, thermoformed, clipped casing, steamed or water cooked products.
It is the system that guarantees the greatest homogeneity of treatment of the products, at any point of the stack.

The LEGOSTAMPO system is based on molds designed for handling along the lines, with improved ergonomics and production yield (less incidence of labor on the finished product), and for automation, which becomes simple and reliable.

The molds are sturdy and practically maintenance-free; they are easily stackable, without the need for trolleys, and self-stabilizing, so there is no need for clamping belts or compaction weights.
The modularity of the stacks with separate molds optimizes internal logistics, greatly reducing the space required per kilo of finished product, with consequent greater exploitation of the facilities and reduction of energy dispersion.

The great constructive rigidity assures the best maintenance of the section and of the shape thanks to the whole length of the bar, giving to your product the best compactness. In this way the presence of defects in the sliced product is minimized and the weight given to fill the shape irregularities is reduced, with an increase of the real efficiency of yo

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