Move without waste: you haven’t to substitute the existing racks

The prosciutto during its productive process has to be moved several times. After the first salting phase the raw hams have to be placed on frames and put in cold storage rooms. Then they are removed for the second salting phase and positioned on the frames again to remain in the different storage rooms for the necessary period. Later the hams are unloaded, processed following the different traditions, hanged on trolleys, frames, floor racks etc. for curing.
Obviously all the meat factories own many frames to move and store the hams. All these frames should have been substituted or modified to use loading and unloading automatic systems to speed the processes and to reduce the manpower.

Our CSTP solution is the only one that uses customers’ frames with no need to modify them or to substitute the shelves: the profit is clear!

The same machine can be used both for loading and unloading operations in a simple and effective way; the productivity can be increased most using two machines.
The products arrive on a special loading conveyor belt and the frame containing the products is fixed in a proper housing, before the machine starts the loading or unloading operations.
If the shelf is so deep to contain two products rows, the frame is rotated, manually or automatically, of 180° to repeat the loading or unloading operations on all the shelves.
The feature for this plant is the customization: each single part is realized on customer’s particular needs, but always maintaining another peculiarity in comparison with other producers’ plants: compactness.
This is not the unique solution we propose, we produce also robotized plants for hams loading and unloading, compact systems to hang and unload hung products, on frames or swing trays. All these plants can be used not only for ham but even for salami, coppa, bacon, loins, bresaola, etc.