Modular Skewering machine

The automatic skewering machines model SPDE make skewers similar to those made by hand. They can consist of all types of meats, fish and shellfish, soft cheeses, vegetables and fruits. Products can be fresh, marinated and low temperature.
The design of the machine makes washing and sanitizing easy and effective.
The molds, customized according to the products, are easily replaceable and removable for washing operations.
The maximum size of the products is 51 mm or 33 mm or 24.5 mm in the versions with 2, 3 or 4 sticks per mold; the maximum length is 200 mm.
The sticks can be loaded without stopping the machine and their introduction system is particularly effective as it is less sensitive to their sometimes curved shape. The sticks can have a diameter from 2.8 mm to 4 mm, and a length from 76 mm to 240 mm.

The SPDE-G model can handle "paddle" sticks, from 160 mm to 220 mm long, which can be loaded in bulk during machine operation. It is possible to insert the sticks with or without the tip protruding from the product.
A pre-piercing device is necessary for specially resistant products, such as beef, or for extremely cold meats (down to -4°), or in the presence of particularly hard vegetables.
The productivity of the stick insertion head, with or without the pre-piercing device, can reach, depending on the number of sticks introduced at the same time, 3,600/3,000 pcs/h or 5,400/4,500 pcs/h or 7,200/6,000 pcs/h; the productivity of the machine depends on the model chosen.
The modular structure of the skewering machine SPDE allows the implementation if production needs vary.
The modularity allows for 1.5 - 3 - 4.5 and 6 meter long loading areas.
The choice depends on the complexity and size of the skewers and the speed with which the operators carry out the positioning of the products’ pieces.
The brushless motorization makes particularly precise and repetitive the positioning of the molds in the position of introduction of the skewers, which will be 2, 3 or 4 depending on the model.
The electric board with touch screen panel has a PLC that allows both the connection with the company management program and with our remote technical assistance service.
For satay, kebobs, kebabs, saté, shashlik,...

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