Fixed weight importance

Efficiency, ergonomics, hygiene are the main characteristics of PPF fixed-weight portioning machines that are suitable both for soft and matured products.

The fixed-weight portioning need is increased in the last years because the request of products to sell in pieces – that is to say fixed-weight – is always greater.

The PPF portioning machines respect the legal limit (tolerable error) for fixed-weight products both for transversal cut and for blocks and cubes cut.
All the Fava Giorgio Axel portioning machines make a high quality cut both with soft products as cooked ham, turkey and poultry roasts and with matured products as fumed ham, prosciutto, raw ham, bacon, etc.

The automatic models increase the functional efficiency while decreasing the operator effort and the repeatability of movements, moreover they reduce the product contamination due to the presence of the workers.
Our portioning machines are equipped with viewing systems that provide a virtual reconstruction of the product you have to portion, this system establishes the cutting sections on the basis of weight and volume relationship.

PPF portioning machines features

The PPF portioning machines have the following features:
• devices for moving and weighing
• vision system
• 3D virtual reconstruction of the product
• PLC controlled
• simple operator touch screen
• factory software connection
• remote assistance and control
• connection with the other machines of the plants
• continuous monitoring of the working cycles
• products and parameters simple changing
• different products programs storage
and they all satisfy the requirements in terms of work safety and hygiene.