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Multimolds system legostampo

The original, adaptable and flexible system to produce meat cooked products in bars for slicing

Loader for salami TFRC

Compact, efficient, adaptable loading equipment for hung products

Kebab skewering machines SPDE

For products with meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits

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We design and make machines for food industry. Meat products factories are our main customers, but we also work for dairies, sweets, vegetables, fish companies, etc.. The attention to the technological needs of the customers, the use of modern design instruments and the choice of business partners of stunning professionalism permitted us to supply machines and plants with high innovative contents.

TFRC, The Loading System

TFRC, The Loading System

The products handling system fits at the best customer’s needs exploiting all the space and the existing equipment. This system arose from an original idea that has been patented.

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