Electronic modular Kebab Skewering machine for paddle skewers SPDEF model

The electronic SPDEF model, for paddle sticks (gun skewers) and round sticks, in the different modular configurations, can produce from 1,200 to 3,600 kebabs/hour, with a number of operators at loading that can vary depending on the complexity of the kebabs (satay) and on the requested productivity.

The main features of the automatic skewering machine are:
a) Modular structure completely made of stainless steel and plastic material for food use
b) Interchangeable and customizable cups
c) Round skewers feeding device double drawers type, with total containing longitudinal conduction
d) Paddle pick skewers double feeding device with total containing longitudinal conduction
e) Skewers presence checking device before proceeding to the insertion of the cups belt
f) Pre-punching head as option
g) Brush-less motor for the maximum speed and precision
h) PLC controlled inside a stainless steel box.

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