Compact Loader and Unloader for racks, trolleys, trees

Our compact loaders and unloaders for racks, trolleys, trees or suspended trays on which to place bars with hanging products are the best answer for eliminating tiring, repetitive and risky operations, even with attention to non-high production rates. Our systems can be powered by operator and/or by devices for automatic loading of salamis onto bars.
Unloaders can include hanging loop cutting units.
We also offer a version that can be used as both a loader and an unloader.
The design, derived from our TFRC loading system, allows customizations depending on the length of the hanging bars (poles), the size of the frames (or trolleys, or trees), and the size of the products.
In the case of semiautomatic loading, the insertion of the hanging bars into the loops is manual as is the effortless positioning into the hooks of the lifting catenary for subsequent storage in the programmed level. It is also possible to feed the loader with automatic sealamis hanging machines to the bars.
All models vertically move the arms that deposit the bars with the hanging sausages, to fit the frames, which, at the same width, can have different heights and lengths, just as the heights of the levels to be loaded can be different, also depending on the product.
The compact loader, like the unloader, makes it possible to proceed with the formation of levels even when replacing a full frame with an empty one, of course in total safety.
The loading bay is equipped with appropriate insertion guides and devices for locking the frames in the working position.
Depending on local sanitary regulations and logistical requirements, we can provide a CSCS model that can be used for loading and unloading frames.
A control panel with touch panel allows the operator to select operating modes, and the control PLC allows both connection with the company's production management system and remote connection with our technical support service.

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