Carve macerators IL

The rolls tenderizer makes the deep cut of the meat on opposite parts following parallel directions, enormously increasing the absorption surface of the brines and additives and favouring the extraction of the meat-proteins.

The techological advantages coming from this treatment are a superior stability of the complex brine+fat+meat with consequent less transfer of liquid in the packages, an increase of the product yield, a greater uniformity of the final characteristics.
The use of the carve macerator allows a big reduction of the tumblering times and above all permits the absorbing, directly in the tumbler, of big quantities of added brine.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel, it has a modular structure, it can be inserted in the working line, in fact it adapts to different requirements thanks to the possibilities of access at the unloading in three orthogonal directions, of self-exclusion for products not to be worked, of regulation of the height of loading.

The machine is self-regulating on the dimensions of the product, with adjustable pressure of cut, it satisfies the most different technological needs. The fast and simple substitution of one of the two cutting rolls with a motoring over roll allow the tenderizing of products with pigskin.

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