Blowing machine for removing mold from salamis

The automatic plant for blowing salamis is perfect to treat products with a diameter between 30 to 100 mm, singly hung or in a string on straight metal sticks of constant diameter and length. The plant is made with a motorized catenary, with a blowing unit and with an air treatment device. The catenary, properly segregated, makes a ring on which are on which are fixed the junctions for wood or metal sticks; the speed is adjustable and it’s defined looking at the company’s productive needs. The mold blowing cabin has two mobile groups of nozzles on driven trolleys. The salamis are kept by adjustable transversal guides to resist to compressed air and water force (cleaning) during blowing. The action of blowing starts when the products arrive and it stops in case of their long absence to contain costs and noise pollution. A sleeves filter fan avoids the formation of air pollution in the working room.

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