Who we are
What we do

Fava Giorgio Axel is the Italian leader
in food industry automation since 1976

Our history

Our company started in 1976 to produce machines for meat products processing factories, but it already had years of experience in the mechanical field even making machines and overhead rails sold by other companies. Gradually we extended our offer to other food industry sectors from cheese to sweets, from meat to fish.

These forty years and more of history made us a solid reality with a knowledge that can be acquired only through the experience of many generations.

Our vision

Technology in the service of man: smart systems and equipment with a low environmental impact capable of drastically improving the quality of life.

Our mission

The customer and his needs are the center of our company. Our machines have been created, one after the other, on our customers’ requests, to solve different kinds of problems as peak of production, versatility, products standardization, economies of scale.

Needs analysis is always our starting point and every time the challenge is putting together innovation and customization to find the best solution for the buyer, because each company is different in space, logistics, organization. The customer’s particular needs give rise to each single project.

Workers’ safety, sanitize, ergonomics and energy-saving are our priorities.

Our technical office designers use 2D and 3D CAD systems and the most advanced calculation models in collaboration with different Universities. All the production phases, from carpentry to assembly, are directly made in our 27.000 square feet factory, and they are supervised with great care by the designers themselves. In this way possible changes and improvements can be done during the executive phase thanks to the cooperation between the technical office and the high skilled personnel that work in the production department.

We believe that the best solution can be obtained only with the contribution of every one, in this way we are able to give to our customers long duration, reliable machines and plants (machines we made in the seventies are still working!) and low maintenance costs.

We directly install, start and test the machines. Our customer technical service gives us the opportunity to be constantly informed of our customers’ needs and also to improve our products.

Research & Development

We pay a lot of attention to innovations and we constantly improve our products, even thanks to important partnerships.

We developed and registered many patents as, for example, the multi-molds system Legostampo and the loading system for salamis and prosciutto TFRC.

Our values

Integrity, accountability, passion and respect for people and for the environment are always our values handed down from generation to generation.

Health, safety and life quality are the linchpins of our company, but also the inspiration of each project we realize.

We only choose partners that protect their employees and customers and that apply themselves in environmental safeguarding as we do.

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