Automatic machine for de-clipping and cutting cooked or seasoned products

TDSAL automatic machine for de-clipping and/or cutting in half, 45° and/or 90° angle, for cooked or seasoned products.
The two de-clipping heads lean against the product, centering it and acting in order to optimize the aesthetic result after the removal of the clips.
The products are then transferred to the cutting device that divides them into two parts of equal length and/or equal weight, depending on the characteristics of the product. The products dimensions, in the standard model, varies from 30 mm to 90 mm in diameter and from 250 mm to 400 mm in length. There’s the possibility to customize the machine. Productivity ranges from 15 to 20 pcs/1'. The TDSAL is controlled by a PLC, with touch screen; it can dialogue with the downstream machines and it is possible to connect it remotely for technical assistance.

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