Automatic Loading and Unloading System for Salami TFRC

The compact system for loading and unloading products hung or hooked to rods, suitable for racks, trolleys and trees, even of great height. This system can include devices for the automatic insertion of salamis on rods or for the automatic hanging of bacon on special hooks.
Our systems can be fed by our automatic or semi-automatic loading devices for products on rods, manufactured by us or by other manufacturers.
Thanks to the particularly rigid structure it’s possible to pick up from the loaders, even in the same plant, all the products of an entire level or only part of them. The perfect management of the accelerations allows to obtain high speeds with very limited oscillations of the products, warranting the highest productivity.

It can load and unload very high trees, trolleys, racks and frames handled by LGVs or by overhead rail system, independently from the loading height. During the unloading phase it’s also possible to unload one rod at a time in order to feed the packaging or peeling lines.

The reduced size of the forks for picking up the sausages allows the loading capacity of the rods and frames to be exploited to the full.

Thanks to the advanced software, it is possible to recognize the characteristics of trolleys, racks and trees, so as to adapt the system to equipment that are not particularly precise, because not made for automation.
TFRC is characterized by a very high precision of movements that, in synergy with the self-adaptive software, allows to manage the insertion of rods even in the presence of very limited dimensional tolerances.

TFRC is also able to handle all the problems deriving from the need to treat products with high shape imperfections, without damaging them and without requiring any load limitation. It can combine the normal operating mode defined front-back with the possibility of rotating the product around the vertical axis, in any case with control of oscillations and in the smallest possible space.

TFRC can simultaneously process different products coming from semi-automatic loaders, from automatic loaders, or taken from frames coming from production areas where manual loading is limited to the easiest level.

The special execution (for example with a machine size 1.80 meter, the frame is 1.50 meter long) together with the use of innovative safety devices allow the system to be installed even in production facilities with limited space, without necessarily requiring the replacement of trees or trolleys.
TFRC is internationally patented.

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