Automatic clip removing and cutting machine for cooked or seasoned products

TDSAL automatic machine for clip removing and / or cutting in half, 45° or 90° angle, for cooked and seasoned products.
A loading conveyor, working in step and controlled by a brushless motor, allows the precise positioning of the products in the clip removing station.
The two de-clipping heads lean against the product, centering it transversally and acting in order to optimize the aesthetic result after the removal of the clips, with the least possible product removal.
The products are then transferred to the cutting device, which divides them into two parts of approximately equal length and/or equal weight, depending on the characteristics of the product, and transfers them onto a conveyor belt, which can be customized, for transfer to subsequent processes.

The clip removing heads and the cutting unit are equipped with easily replaceable parts to adapt to the size of the products and to obtain the desired result.
The product's dimensions vary from 30 mm to 90 mm in diameter and from 250 mm to 600 mm in length, and productivity ranges from 15 to 20 pcs/1'.
It is possible to have machines intended only for clip removing, model DSAL, with one or two clip removing units, with a productivity ranging from 18 to 30 cycles/1'. The DSAL can also treat, depending on the model, products with diameter from 120 mm to 180 mm and length from 300 to 800 mm.
A special version for cooked or roasted products in net, performs the removal of the clips and of the relative portion of net, elastic or not elastic, with dimensions from 120 mm to 240 mm width, from 120 mm to 180 mm height, from 250 mm to 600 mm length. Productivity is 12 pcs/1' or 24 pcs/1', in the versions with one or two clip removing units.
An operator touch screen panel allows the management of the various types of machines and it provides operators with the necessary information, from use to maintenance. The machine's PLC allows both the connection with the company's management software, for production programming and product traceability, and the remote connection with our technical assistance service.
We also produce a TOVAD model specifically for mortadella (bologna sausage) with diameters from 80 mm to 160 mm and lengths from 120 mm to 240 mm, capable, like the other machines, of performing the best and quickest clips removing and cutting into two parts with minimum weight differences.

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