Combing and Loading: how it works

Bellies are automatically transferred from the injectors to the combing machine using conveyor belts; a laser beam helps a single operator to position each belly for hanging it below the CT muscle.
Hooked bars with tips are used to hook the bellies and lift them up.
TFRC Cartesian robot transfers the loaded bars onto trees.
This new patented system is capable to load up to 8 combs per minute.
Each comb can hold 3 to 5 bellies depening on belly width.
All the systems are custom designed.

De-combing and Unloading: how it works

TFRC Cartesian robot transfers the bars with frozen bellies from the tree to a special pulling system that extracts the hooked bars from the bellies.
The bellies may be automatically delivered to presses using special conveyors.
Empty hooked bars are moved to a dynamic storage and sent to the washing area.
This system is internationally patented and it is custom designed.


• Reduce employees injuries and disabilities
• Reduce labor in combing, de-combing and washing areas
• Reduce hourly labor turnover
• Reduce management stress due to workers not showing up to work
• Increase yields with less re-work and more grade “A” bacon
• Improve yields through controlled mechanical combing and hanging
• Eliminate overlaps, doggie ears and failures to catch CT muscle

Main features

FLEXIBILITY OF DESIGN: system has been specifically designed to work within all existing USA Bacon processing operations
ADAPTABILITY: no need to change overhead rails and ovens
COMPACT: will fit in most USA existing bacon plants
MODULAR: can easily expand system as business grows
FLEXIBLE: can work with multiple SKU’s at the same time
POWERFUL: one unit can feed 6 slicing lines delivering up to 3 different SKU’s
COMPATIBLE: will work with Continuous and Batch systems
MAINTENANCE SAVINGS: combs and trees are designed to work a lifetime (virtually eliminating expensive breakage and replacement costs of existing bacon trees and combs)
SANITATION: easier washing and cleaning due to improved design of trees and combs.